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RO-RO Ship : (Construction, Types, Ventilation, Stability, RO-RO arrangements)

Ro-Ro is a special type of cargo ship which carries vehicles or wheeled cargo. It is different from other cargo ships in...

Procedure of piston removal of 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine

How to remove and piston removal of 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine ? To remove piston we...

Bunker Calculations formula and procedure with example and data sheet

Marine engineer must know the procedure of bunker calculations. Otherwise leads to oil spillage and shortage of bunker during bunkering operations. Trainee...

Soot Blowing in Boiler through air or steam | Operations and...

This article is all about How soot blowing in Boiler is done ? What is soot blowing ?

Turbocharger washing Procedure

If you are marine engineer, the you should must know Turbocharge washing procedure. This questions also asked in MMD Oral exam.
3d printing

3D Printing and Its Implications for the Automotive Industry

Carmakers have mainly employed 3D printing in the automotive industry to manufacture automotive prototypes to examine their design and compatibility for the...

MEO Class 4 Function – 5 Electrical Oral Questions and Answers

MEO Class 4 Function - 5 (EECEOL ) Electrical Questions With Answers What is an Induction Motor ?
Plasma Arc Machining

Plasma Arc Machining – Process, Diagrams, Working Principle

What is Plasma Arc Machining Process ? Plasma arc machining is a non traditional process of metal removal...
Ion Beam Machining

Ion Beam Machining – Working, Applications, Advantages, MCQs

What is Ion Beam Machining ? Ion beam machining (IBM) is a non-conventional manufacturing technology used in micro-/nanofabrication that...
Electrical Discharge Machining Working Principle

Electrical Discharge Machining – Parts, Working Principle, Applications

Electrical discharge machining process is non traditional method of removing metal from a work surface due to metal erosion caused by...