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Working Principle of Abrasive Jet Machining

Abrasive Jet Machining – Parts, Working Principle, Application

In this article you will learn about Abrasive Jet Machining, including the working principle, parts, working, applications, advantages and disadvantages.
Water Jet Machining

Water Jet Machining – Working Principle, Applications, Advantages

What is Water Jet Machining? Water Jet Machining (WJM), also known as water jet cutting, is a non-traditional machining...
ultrasonic machining process

Ultrasonic Machining Process – Parts Working Principle, Advantages

Topics covered in this article are Ultrasonic Machining Process, Working Principle, Advantages, disadvantages, and how it works in detail.
Process Planning Estimating And Costing

Process Planning Estimating And Costing

In this article you will learn about Process Planning Estimating And Costing and various terms associated with it for clear understanding.
Process planning steps

What is Process Planning | Process Planning Steps, Types, Advantages

In this article you will learn about What is process planning ? What are the requirements for this process, What are the...
Cutting Fluids are Used to

Cutting Fluids – Types, Properties, Functions, Uses

Cutting fluids, sometimes referred to as lubricants or coolants are liquids and gases applied to the tool and workpiece to assist in...
types of cutting tool materials

Types of Cutting Tool Materials – Properties & Characteristics

What are Cutting Tool Materials ? Cutting tool materials are materials used to create machining cutting tools (drill bits,...
Marine auxiliary engine units

Marine Auxiliary Engine: The Complete Guide

Modern day ships are behemoths in both size and the load that they can carry. Take, for example, the Panamax cargo ships...
Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium Alloy – Properties, Composition, Applications

In this article we are going to learn about Aluminium Alloy, different types of aluminium alloys and properties of aluminium alloy.
what is water hammering

What is Water Hammering ? Types, Causes, Effects & Prevention

In this article you will learn about Water Hammering, What are its types, Effects, what causes water hammering, how to stop it....