Engine Room Management

Vessel Should Prepare for a dry dock operation that is about 6 months away.

Prior to 6 months of dry dock

1.The detailed Defect report must be prepared according to best intensity practices including references to enclosed drawing,sketches or photograph and described as wel as possible giving number,size ,specification, dimensions,material,colour, accessories location.

2.It is shipboard management team’s responsibility to provide this information bycompleting and forwarding defect report form to office.

3.If necessary technical superintendent should visit vessel in advance for all repair work and clarify any additional work that has engaged in order to finalise repairs.

4. Also take into account the cost and benefit analysis of repair or replacement during this process.
5. As much as possible information should be provided in defect report item such as
a)Maker,type of equipment / machinery.
b) Details of defect, symptoms,action already taken to rectify and results.
c) whether any part to be landed for replacement,repair,or inspection ,including their size and weight.
d)Any access work,removals,cutting if deck,hot works.
e)Provide copies of manual pages, photograpghs or sketches.
f)Line sketches of pipe to be repaired with flexible sizes
g)Testing requirements class certification needs
h)Details of location by trunk number, compartment,draught mark,strake etc.

10.Preparatory cleaning works cooling low,gas freezing etc.
#Master and chief engineer shall ensure that all required supplies.
Sub-contractors,service engineers ,class and flag surveyers and agents for dicking are requistioned and shall keep them fully updated on vessels scheduled.
#Master shall detail any cleaning,gas freeing,stop disposal or other preparations works ti the office well in advance of dry docking dates and discuss arrangement and schedule in detail with office.The master shall report progress of cleaning work and ETA readiness to repair port or a regulars basis to superintendent and owners.

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