Engine Room Management

Taking over engine room watch?

Prior to taking over engine room watch

The relieving officer of engineer watch shall ensure that members of relieving engineer watch are apparently$ fully capable of performing their duties efficiently.

Prior to taking over engineering watch, relieving officer shall satisfy themselves regarding at least following.

1.Standing order and special instructions of Chief engineer officers relating to operations of ship’s system and watch keeping.

2.Nature of all work being performed on machinery and system the personnel involved and potential hazard.

3.The level and where applicable the condition of water residues in bilges ballast tank slop tank reserve tank fresh water tank sewage tank and special requirements for use or disposal of content there of.

4. Condition and level of fuel in reserve tank ,settling tank , and other storage facilities.

5. Any special requirements relating to sanitary system disposal.

6.Specify condition and made operation of main engine auxiliary engine and electric power distribution.

7.Applicable then specify condition of monitoring control of console equipment and which are being operated manually.

8.Any potentially adverse condition resulting from bad weather,ice ,shallow water etc.

9.Avaibility of fire fighting appliances and if used.

10.Report of engine room rating relating to their assigned duties.

11.Avaibilities of fire fighting appliances.

12.State of completeness of engine room log log.

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