Function 3 Safety and Ship Construction

11. Breast hook n top view?

12. Man overboard actions?

13. Solas ch. 3, 4 & 9?

14. purifier room fire how to extinguish?

15.Man overboard what is action?

Ans:-Alarm for mob 3 prolongs blast on ship

Early sight play vital role to save life
Never loses the sight of fallen person and inform other by shouting man overboard along port or stab side of ship
Some one inform the bridge And raise an alarm
Keep continue watch on mob
Throw life bouy with smoke float near to fallen person
Not to throw more then one life bouy other wise mob get panic and distract
Post continues look with binocular on mob
Ship engine must be slow down and turned toward the mob
Manoeuvre to engine on stand by all time
Willemson turn of ship has to take so propeller has clear of mob not hit mob
Keep ready rescue boat and rescue team
Rescue man overboard in thermal protective aid
Chief mate on bridge must push GPS mob button to record mob

16.Annex 2and 3

17.Macha stability diagram

18.Dcp drawing


20.Solas 9

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