Meo class 4 oral and written questions

41. How does salinometer work?
42. What will be your action on a blackout a sea?
43. How docs cmergency generator starts on ls own?
44. What are the cut out provided on the OWS and checks to be done before putting it
45. Draw star, delta 3 phase connections?
46. What are the motor safctics, deck crane safeties, and engine room over head safeti
47. What is relay? How it is different from a magnetic contactor?
48. What is ohm’s law?
49. What is the expression for resistance in terms of length and arca of conductor?
50. what is sequential starting?
51. What is the function of circuit breaker?
52. What essentials are supplied from emergency switchboard?
53. How will you confirm a minimum insulation resistance reading?
54.Describe steering power supply regulations?
55. What is Coulombs law
56. Describe Fleming’s left and right hand rule?
57. Describe lenz’s law?
58. What is the difference between electric and magnetic circuit?
59. Describe and Draw battery charging method?
60. How many types ot DC motors are there?

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