Meo class 4 oral and written questions

89.Qucstion Sr 3 2010, Sr 6 2009, Sr 2 2007, Sr 11 2005
With reference to a 2 strokc slow spccd main propulsion enginc air starting system
Statc, with reasons, Ihree salcty catures ncorporatcd in an air starting system.
State with reason why an engine may lail to turnover on ar.
Explain how the causc of an enginc failing to turn over on air may be determinecd.

90.Question Sr 3 2010, Sr 6 2009, Sr 2 2007
Sclect the corrcct statement and explain:

“Wiping” of a bearing may occur due to
(a) Inadequatc oil supply
(6) High lube o1l pressure
(C) Presence of excessive moisture in the oi.

91.Question Sr 3 2010, Sr 6 2009, Scrial3 2008, Sept 2006
Sketch and deseribe a fucl injector for a diescl cngine.
State four paramcter that indicate lucl njectors requre immediate oveThaul.
Qucstion Sr 3 2010, Sr 6,4 2009, Sr 8, 3 2008, 2006
What arc the causes for crankcase cxplosion?
What action can be taken by the watch keeper when the vessel is in port to minimize t
Describe with the aid of sketches any mechanical devices designed to limit the violence
of such an cxplosion shoukd it occur.
Qucstion Sr 3 2010, Sr 6 2009, Sr 2 2007, Sr 1 2007
Make a diagrammatic sketch of a jacket cooling water system as applied to a group of
mcdium spccd auxiliary dicscl engime.
Indicate the temperature and pressure in the system.
Deseribe in particular the flow of watcr from entry to the engine to the outlet from thec
engine and sketch the more important joints in the system.
Qucstion Sr 2 2010. Sr 1 2006
Describe the events leading to primary crankcase explosion.
Explain how a primary crankcase explosion can lead to a sccondary cxplosion.
State the procedure for ensuring the operational effectiveness of a crankcase oil mist
State the procedure to be adopted in the event of a crankcase mist detector alarm and the
action to be taken belore normal operation ot the cngine 1s restorcd.
Qucstion Sr 2 2010. Sr 1 2006
With reference to main engine fuel oil:
Describe, using a block diagram, a system which may be used for controlling füel
Describe with aid of a sketch, a device which will monitor the viscosity of the fuel;
State why fuel viscosity at the injectors should be kept within certain limits
Question Sr 2 2010. Sr 3 2009, Sr 2 2007, Sr 11 2005
An auxiliary engine under load continuously fluctuates even with a steady load.
The faut you would diagnose could be owing too
(a) The quality of fuel
(6) The quality of servicing of the governor in the .last port
(c) The supply of charge air
(d) The overhaul of fuel injectors done in the last decarburizat ion

Give a brief explanation as to why each of the above mentioned points either: could be
true: Or cannot at all be- the reasons for such a fluctuation.
Question Sr 2 2010, Sr 3 2008, JAN 2007
With regard to the injection and combust ion of fuel oil explain the significance of the
gnition delay.
Question Sr 2 2010, Sr 4 2007
With reference to charge air coolers
Describe with the aid of a sketch, a charge air cooler;
Describe the procedure for cleaning both air and watersides of a charge air cooler;
State the importance of maintaining correct charge air temperature.

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