Meo class 4 oral and written questions

Question Sr 1 2010. Sr1 2009, Sr 1 2008
Sketch and describe a device employed for continuous monitoring of the viscosity of
heavy fuel oil being supplied to a main engine
In the event of the monitoring and control system described in Q. (a) becoming
inoperative explain how the viscosity of the fuel may be controlled
Explain how the system employing the device described in Q. (a) Operates to adjust the
Tuel viscosIty
Question Sr 1 2010. Sr 10 2009, Sr 2 2008
Sketch a pneumatically operated starting air valve

Explain its action
State with reasons what maintenance should be carricd out.
Question Sr 12 2009. Sr 8 2007,
During watch one m’c unit showing high exhaust temp write a note to CEO
How the cause leading to abnormal running condition was dagnoscd and subscquent
action taken to control fire
Question Sr 12 2009. Sept 2006
Sketch and describe a fucl injector for a slow speed marine diesel engine
Explain the operation of the fuel valve
Describe the defects to which Injector are prone
Explain how any two of these dcfects are comected.
How can injection be improved when a low speed engine is to operate at prolonged load
Explain how it operates and what determine the point at which injection occurs
Question Sr 12 2009
Difficulties have been experienced in getting to turn the engine on air during
State the poss ible causes leading to such a problem.
Remedies to prevent reoccurrence of such a problem
Question Sr l2 2009. Sr 1 2007, Sept 2006
Describe the means of protection against EACH of the following engine fauts in a vessel
operating wth UMS:
Crankcase explosion,
Scavenge 1ire,
External tire on the engine,
Loss of lubricating oil pressure;
Engine overload.
Question Sr 12 2009. Sept 2006
What is the purpose of Rubbing Bands on piston skirt?
How piston rings are calibrated?
Give two reasons for rejecting a piston ring.
Explain the causes and effects of the following:
Breaking of piston rings
Large groove clearances
Large butt clearance n a piston ring
Question Sr 12 2009. Sr 11, 10, 3 2008, Sr 5, Sr 2 2006
Sketch and Describe the operating principle of a crank case mist detector
Sketch, the crank case explosion relief door and flame trap for a diesel engine. State the
pressure setting of the door

Question Sr 12 2009, Sr 11, 10, 3 2008, Sr 12 2007
Describe the process of replacing the cylinder liner in an auxiliary engine.
How is water tightness ensured?
And what precaution are take before starting the engine.
Question Sr 12 2009, Sr 2 2009, Sr 11, 10, 3 2008
(a) If an auxiliary diesel generator over-speeds and runs away while off the load, explain:
() How it can be stopped,
i) What is likely to be the reasons for the failure.
(6) Give-details of what cheeks are made after the machine has been stopped: ()
Mechanically, (i) Electrically.

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