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IC Engine

A complete guide about the articles related to Marine IC Engines. All parts, working & Diagrams

Auxiliary Machines

List of all the Marine Auxiliary Machines. Complete Details


Complete overview of Electrical Machineries used Onboard a Ship with Diagrams

MEO Class 4

Articles related to promotional exam MEO class 4, Syllabus, Study Materials


Download All PDFs related to study materials, E books, Offline Book PDFs


Articles describing functions, types, use and maintenance of boilers

Synergy Maritime

Articles related to synergy exams, syllabus, study materials, practice sets

Interview Questions

Get all Interview Questions Asked by different shipping companies

Difference Between

Get Insights of Difference between Various Terminologies

Types of Pumps

Articles describing functions, types, uses of Different types of pumps

Types of Valves

Articles related to Function, use & Construction of Various Types of Valves

Naval Arch

Articles related to Syllabus of Naval Arch with diagrams

MEO Class 4 Function – 5 Electrical Oral Questions and Answers

MEO Class 4 Function - 5 (EECEOL ) Electrical Questions With Answers What is an Induction Motor ?

Types of Shafts : Operations, Working, Materials, Advantages and Disadvantage, Applications

In this article you will know about Types of Shafts Working Operations and Applications, Materials in details. What is...

Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System Working principle | Advantages and Disadvantages |

What is Vapour absorption refrigeration system ? Vapour Absorption refrigeration system is a system which is similar to compression...

What is Woodruff key ? | Working, Advantages, Disadvantages and application

What is Woodruff Key ? A Woodruff Key is a halfmoon shaped machine key that prevents gears, hubs, or...

Different Types of Belt Drives System , Advantages, disadvantages, Uses, Images

Types of Belt Drives: Material, Applications, Advantages & Disadvantages : The rotation motion is the best and simplest way...

Different Types of nuts and bolts With Pictures & pdf Applications

A bolt is composed of two parts: 1. a shank and 2.a head. The shank is the cylindrical portion of the...

Plasma Arc Machining – Process, Diagrams, Working Principle

What is Plasma Arc Machining Process ? Plasma arc machining is a non traditional process of metal removal...

Ion Beam Machining – Working, Applications, Advantages, MCQs

What is Ion Beam Machining ? Ion beam machining (IBM) is a non-conventional manufacturing technology used in micro-/nanofabrication that...

Electrical Discharge Machining – Parts, Working Principle, Applications

Electrical discharge machining process is non traditional method of removing metal from a work surface due to metal erosion caused by...

Abrasive Jet Machining – Parts, Working Principle, Application

In this article you will learn about Abrasive Jet Machining, including the working principle, parts, working, applications, advantages and disadvantages.

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