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IC Engine

A complete guide about the articles related to Marine IC Engines. All parts, working & Diagrams

Auxiliary Machines

List of all the Marine Auxiliary Machines. Complete Details


Complete overview of Electrical Machineries used Onboard a Ship with Diagrams

MEO Class 4

Articles related to promotional exam MEO class 4, Syllabus, Study Materials


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Articles describing functions, types, use and maintenance of boilers

Synergy Maritime

Articles related to synergy exams, syllabus, study materials, practice sets

Interview Questions

Get all Interview Questions Asked by different shipping companies

Difference Between

Get Insights of Difference between Various Terminologies

Types of Pumps

Articles describing functions, types, uses of Different types of pumps

Types of Valves

Articles related to Function, use & Construction of Various Types of Valves

Naval Arch

Articles related to Syllabus of Naval Arch with diagrams


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Semester 4

2011-4th Semester-Electrical Machines-II.pdf 2011-4th Semester-Marine Boilers and Steam Engineering.pdf 2011-4th Semester-Marine Heat Engines and Air conditioning.pdf 2011-4th Semester-Mechanics of Machines-II.pdf 2011-4th Semester-Practical Marine Automation.pdf 2013-4th Semester-Electrical Machines-II.pdf 2013-4th Semester-Fluid Mechanics-I.pdf 2013-4th...

Semester 1

»2014-1st Semester-Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering.pdf »2014-2015-1st Semester- Communicative English and Sociology.pdf »2014-2015-1st Semester-Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering.pdf 2015-1st Semester-Communicative English and Sociology.pdf 2017-1st Semester-Mathematics - I.pdf 2014-2015-1st Semester-Applied...

Marine Boilers Book pdf

Marine Boilers Book Pdf GTH Flanagan About Book Description :- Marine Boilers provides the information required by marine engineers taking the Steam Paper, Class Two, for the...

Diesel Engine Book by Deven Arhanha Pdf

Diesel Engine Book Pdf DEVEN ARANHA This is a pdf of Diesel Engine Book written by DEVEN ARANHA. The Pdf covers the following topics exhaustively. Dry Docking Watch Keeping Engine...

Tar book

Tar bookClick here to download

characteristic of a reciprocating pump

reciprocating pumpcharacteristic of a reciprocating pump1  reciprocating pumps move water and other liquids by A piston that Travels back and forth inside a cylinder2...

standard colour code of pipe line of a seagoing vessels

This Article will learn you to identify the standard colour code of pipe line of a seagoing vessels. As a mariner ,you must know below...

safety precaution during bunkering

safety precaution during bunkering1.dust and other absorbent should be kept near Bunker extinguisher and other fire fighting Apparatus should be readily available3.bunkee line...

why a positive displacement pump is called a self priming

why a positive displacement pump is called a self primingCentrifugal pump can not pull the liquid but it posh the liquid.priming means filling the...

How drive electrical motor power is transmitted to purifier vertical shaft????

 drive electrical motor power is not directly transmitted to purifier SHAFT.  it actually transmitted by means of friction clutch arrangement.the motor shaft is equipped...

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