Piston Rings function

Piston Rings Function

Before Discussing Piston Rings Function first,we know What is piston Rings ?

What is piston Rings ?

A piston rings is a split ring in a reciprocating engine, such as an internal combustion engine or steam engine, that fits into a groove on the exterior diameter of a piston.

Location :- Located between the cylinder and the piston

Function of Piston Rings

Piston Rings have more four major Functions :-

1.Compression Gas Sealing

Piston Rings provide an effective gas seal without scuffing with sufficient radial wall pressure /maintain Compression gas between the piston and the cylinder wall.
Piston rings seal the cylinder in such a way that the combustion gas produced at the time of ignition does not leak into the piston-cylinder opening.

If the combustion gas leaks, will the engine not be able to produce enough power, increasing fuel consumption? Not good economically as well as socially so.

2. Lubricating Oil Film Control

Piston rings commonly make the minimum lubricating oil film necessary to prevent scuffing.
To function as a scraper and oil control to prevent excessive consumption of oil that could result if lubricant is allowed to leak past into the combustion chamber.

3.Heat Transfer

Piston rings transfer heat from the piston crown to the cylinder. Wall.

Conduct heat to the liner wall from the Piston.

When gas ignition occurs, the temperature inside the piston is approximately 300 C. If the heat builds up inside the piston, the engine may be damaged. It is therefore necessary to release the heat build-up. Piston rings are helping to release this heat.

4.Support Piston In The Cylinder

Piston rings avoid piston knocking on the wall of the cylinder.

If the piston tilts inside the cylinder it can hit inside parts as well as cause engine failure. Piston rings protect pistons so as to allow smooth movement up and down.

1.The function of the piston compression rings used in a diesel engine is to _____________.

> seal the space between the piston and liner

> transmit heat from the piston to the cylinder liner

> reduce the amount of combustion gas blow-by

2.Oil control rings function to _____________.

> allow proper lubrication of cylinders and compression rings

> reduce the amount of lube oil burned in the combustion chamber

> scrape excess lube oil from the liner on the downstroke

3.Function of oil control rings

> permit excess oil to drain back to the sump

> prevent excessive lubricating oil consumption

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