Power Balancing Of Engine

Power Balancing of Engine

● For Efficient running,not causing under stress to the components and for fuel economy equal power must be produced from each cylinder.

●Power produced is related to quantity of fuel injected and balancing is carried out by small adjustment to individual fuel pumps control. adjustment are made to equalise power outputs from the units without overloading ,and ensuring exhaust gas temperature are not excessive.

Fuel pumps must cut off fuel when brought to stop .Rack position ,exhaust temperature and cooling water outlet temperature of each unit must be noted.Equal Exhaust temperature do not necessarily indicate equal power output,but provide some guidance to even sharing of load by all units.Comparison is made with records at test bed trials.

MSE and HSE peak pressure are used to gauge power and balance between units,as it is impracticle to use the indicator and instruments.

If an Engine operations in an Unbalanced Conditions,some bearings and runnings parts may become overloaded causing overheating and failure.Overloading may cause Blow past and thereby overheated pistons and seizures.Unbalance will also cause undue vibrations which of prolong will cause FATIGUE Failure.This may occur or lead to FATTIGUE CRACKING of metal in bearings,fracture of studs and bolts,cracks in crankshafts and bed plates ,slackening or failure of Holding Down Bolts Engine Room watch must be kept on Sound and vibrations levels and clear exhaust.

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