Scavenging and Turbocharging

Scavenging and turbocharging

Q. Describe the causes & prevention of scavenge trunk fire?

Ans: Causes of scavenge fire:

• Accumulation of unburned fuel or cylinder L.O. in scavenge trunk.

• Blow past of the engine due to over load or bad piston rings..

• Bad combustion due to bad fuel management.

• Faulty injector and fuel pump timing.

• Excessive cylinder lubrication.

Prevention of scavenge fire:

• Regular draining, cleaning and monitoring of the scavenge space.

• Correct rate of cylinder lubrication.

• Proper maintenance & correct adjustments of piston rings, cylinder liner and fuel injection equipments.

• Ensure balanced engine.

• Safety devices such as electrical temperature sensing, pressure relief valves should be fitted in the scavenge trunk.

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