Scavenging and Turbocharging

Scavenging and turbocharging

Types of Turbocharger Lube Oil System :-

There are two methods of lubrication:

1. Own sump

2. External lube oil supply system

Types of Turbocharger Bearings

Q. Describe the type of T/C bearings. Discuss their strength & weakness.

Ans: There are two types of T/C bearings:

1. Sleeve Type.

2. Ball or roller type.

Ball type bearing (rolling type):

The ball and roller bearings are mounted in resilient mountings incorporating spring damping to prevent damage due to vibration. These bearings have their own integral oil pumps and oil supply, and have a limited life.

Advantages of ball or roller type bearing:

• Less friction losses.

• Minimal lubrication

• Greater alignment accuracy.

Disadvantages of ball or roller type bearing:

• More expensive.

• Limited life time

• Need higher grade lubrication.

• More susceptible to vibration and fatigue

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