It is a machine driven by turbines that improves the efficiency and power output of an internal combustion engine by pushing additional compressed air into the combustion chamber.

How turbocharger work

Exhaust gas from the cylinders operates the gas turbine, giving up some of its heat energy to do so.The turbine drives a directly coupled air compressor,which draws aur from the atmosphere, compresses it and then cools it in the charger air cooler before supplying it to the engine through scavenge ports.

The Turbocharger is ‘free running’ and at any engine speed the exhaust gas energy must cause the turbine to run at a stable speed at which the compressor will supply the correct mass of air to the engine.

it is said to be ‘matched’ to the engine, and must remain matched over the full main operating power range. When an engine has two or more turbocharger operating in parallel they must all be matched. matched systems may become unstable and surge if fouling or damage occurs.


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