Differnece between Sulzer  and b$w

What are the differences between Sulzer Engines and B&W Engines. See the upcoming slides to know the differences..

B$W :  Lubrication of Crops Head is done by a telescopic pipe at 4 bar.

Sulzer : Lubrication of Crops Head is done by a telescopic pipe at 12 bar.


Sulzer : Cylinder lubrication is pulse lubrication

B$W : Cylinder lubrication method is Alpha lubrication


Sulzer : Common rail injection system is used.

B$W :  Individual fuel injection system are there.


Sulzer : Camshaft is driven by gear driven with timing gear

B$W : Camshaft in B&W engine is driven by the chain drive with the 2-chains.


Sulzer : Fuel pipe used is Jerk Type

B$W :  Fuel pipe used is Valve type


Sulzer : Fine honed and bore cooled liner with large insulation.

B$W : In this type of engines, bore cooled liner is used.


Sulzer : Top piston rings is chromium coating piston rings

B$W : Top piston rings is of CPR type.



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