Safety devices in air starting system

1.Bursting Disc :-It is mounted between the manifold and the starting valve on the starting air pipe This consists of a perforated disk consisting of a sheet of materials which will burst secondary to an explosion in case of excessive pressure. Bursting dicks are designed in such a way that the engine will operate even after the disks are ruptured, the bursting disks have a protective cap that will cover the opening.

2.Flame Arrestor :-Flame arrester assists in arresting any flames that come out of the cylinder by leaking the start air valve.

3.Relief Valve :-It is attached to the common manifold, which in the manifold lifts and relieves excess pressure.

4.Non Return Valve :-It won’t allow any gas from the manifold to return to the air receiver.

5.Running Direction Interlock :-

6.Turning Gear Interlock :-Starting air to the engine is stopped by a valve when turning gear is engaged.Thisis a mechanical arrangement with limit.