What is bursting disc in air compressor?

What is bursting disc in air compressor?

The Bursting disc in air compressor is a safety devices of air compressor which is used to release the pressure by bursting.

Short description:-

Pressure is released by bursting the disc.

It permanently damaged.

It burst at setting pressure.

Setting pressure cannot be altered in place.

Where it is fitted in air compressor :-

Bursting discs are fitted on the cooler shells (At water side).

Can you fit the relief valve at the space of bursting disc and why ?

No,Because of their difference operation,Relief valve can not be fitted at the bursting disc in the compressor.

Bursting disc is fitted in air compressor for fully release and stop operation circuit.

Release valve opens excess pressure at compressor running and reseat at when pressure reduce or when the compressor is stopped.

As a result,cooling water can enter into compressed air space; which can cause water hammer when the next start of compressor.

Why bursting disc need to be annealed ?

Because of heating and time expanded, bursting disc is harden, so to get back the normal relief pressure it must be annealed.

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