An internal combustion engine (ICE ) is an engine in which combustion and ignition of the fuel take place inside the engine.

Components of  

IC Engine

Cylinder Head

The cylinder cover/cylinder head forms the top part of the combustion space and it must be of sufficient strength to withstand the gas load at maximum pressure.

Cylinder Block

Cylinder block is also known as engine block. It is the main structure which holds and contains the cylinder and other components of IC Engine.

Cylinder Liner

Cylinder liner, in which the compression of air and the combustion of fuel/air mixture takes place inside the cylinder liner, so it forms part of the combustion chamber.


A Piston is an important part of reciprocating engines, reciprocating pumps, gas compressors, hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders, among other similar devices.

Connecting rod

Connecting rod connects the top and bottom end bearings, facilitating the conversion of the Piston’s forces into the crankshaft’s rotating power.

Gudgeon    Pin

A Gudgeon pin in the Piston skirt performs the crosshead function in trunk Piston engine. It can be fitted to the skirt or free to float and rotate, to limit axial movement.

Bed Plate

The bed plate forms the foundation of the engine on which the other structural component such as A-frame, all column, and Guides are mounted. 


The crankshaft is a component enclosed in the crankcase that converts the reciprocation motion of the piston to the rotary motion of the output shaft.


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