Steering gear safeties

What are Steering Gear Safeties ?

Steering Gear Safeties fitted on Steering Gear System are following :-

Steering Gear Safeties

These safeties divided into two categories :-

1.Hydraulic Safeties

2.Electrical Safeties

Hydraulic safeties are :-

1.Level switch, low level, low low level alarm for hydraulic oil tank.

2.Relief valve.

3. Manual bypass valve.

4. Low pressure valve.

5.High lub oil temp. Cut out.

6. Low level cut out

Electrical safeties are :-

1.Electrical and mechanical stopper for rudder.

2.Electrical motor overload alarm.

3.Power failure alarm.

4.High temp. Alarm.

5.Self starting after power failure.

6.Short-circuit trip.

7.Phase failure alarm.

8.200% insulation in motor.

What are the safety devices for steering system ?

  1. Hunting gear
  2. Buffer spring
  3. Angle adjusting stop (Hand over position limit switch)
  4. Double shock valve
  5. Relief valve
  6. Tank level alarm (oil)
  7. Over load alarm

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