IC Engine

Topics Covered in IC Engine

What is an Internal Combustion Engine ?

Classification of IC Engine

Components of IC Engine

Journal Bearings

Crankshaft – Types, Parts, Function, Sensor, Images

Calculation Brake Horse Power

Bearing Temperature Chart

Bearing Temperature Sensor


Tappet Clearance

Crankcase Explosion

Reason of Nimonic coating on Exhaust Valve

Surge Limit of Turbocharger

Advantage of Crosshead type of Engine

Why main Exhaust Valve does not have Spring

Why Piston cooling oil goes from bottom to top?

Why Lower TBN oil is used in Cylinder lubrication?

Deadband of Governor

Why con-rod of 4-st Engine is I – Section?

Why Concentric Springs are fitted?

What is Cetane Number?

Fuels And Combustion

Diesel Engine Questions With Answers

Mean Piston Speed


Ignition Point

Pour Point

Flash Point

Cloud Point

General Requirement of Cylinder Oil

Purpose of Cylinder Lubrication

Properties of Lube Oil

Requirements of Damping Vibration

Vibration in Diesel Engine

Engine Room Trial

Advantage of alpha Cylinder Lubrication

Crosshead Bearing

Cylinder Liner Calibration

Minimum Requirement For Automation

Power Balancing of Engine

Method of Starting Diesel Engine

Cause of wear in Cylinder

Turbocharger Overspeeding

Cause, Effect & Prevention of Over-run Turbocharger

Stress on Moving Parts of Diesel Engine

Marine Pollution


Scavenging and Turbocharging

Piston Cooling

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