Engine Room Trial

Engine Room Trial

●During the Trial, Maine Engine is adjusted to deliver the power according to the propeller curve.

●The Crank web deflection are taken Before and after sea trial tests.

●Fuel Consumption guarantee for the main engine is always given on the basis of measurement taken at shock trials only.

The fuel Consumption measured at sea trials us for reference and verification only.

●The trial consists of following fir main engine and shafting system:-

1.Endurance trial :- Overload running of main engine at 103 ℅of full RPM For 4-6 hours.

>Crank web deflections again recorded thereafter.

2.Minimum ROM trials

3.Crash top ahead and astern.

4.Astern trials.

5.Coasting stop.

6.Boilee accumulation test :- Fone to confirm rate of release of pressure is greater than rate of building of pressure at full load (full firing rate ).

7.No. of starts of main engine to establish the adequacy of air bottle ( in cold condition ).

8.Torsional and axial vibration trials.

9.Engine Room vibration level measurements.

10.Engine Room Noise level measurements.

11.Black out and emergency generator trials.

12.Generator Load Trials (Preferential trial )

13.Auto change over of essential pumps demonstration.

14.Fresh water generator trials.

15.Auto change over ( or manual ) from D.O to heavy oil.

16.Safety function check soch aa auto shut down or slow down.

17.Engine Alarms are demonstrated.

18.During Endurance Trials ,every 1/2hours or there of record of pressure, temperature,RPM,Power,Indicator cards are taken.

19.Adequacy of engine room ventilation is checked.

20.Engine Roo. Control room air conditioning adequacy is checked.