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Synergy Exam 2023

Synergy Exam 2023 is a popular topic among maritime professionals who are preparing for their exams. In this article, we aim to provide valuable information on how to ace the Synergy Maritime Exam Preparation – English Section by using synonyms effectively.

Why Synonyms are important for the Synergy Maritime Exam:

The Synergy Maritime Exam Preparation – English Section requires a good understanding of the English language. As the examination is designed to test the English proficiency of seafarers, it is essential to have a strong vocabulary. Synonyms help in expanding one’s vocabulary and understanding of the language.

Practice Test 1

Synonyms - Part 1

Practice Test 2

Synonyms - Part 2

Practice Test 3

Synonyms - Part 3

Practice Test 4

Synonyms - Part 4

Practice Test 5

Synonyms – Part 5

Practice Test 6

Synonyms – Part 6

Practice Test 7

Synonyms – Part 7

Other Tests :

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