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List of all the Marine Auxiliary Machines. Complete Details


Complete overview of Electrical Machineries used Onboard a Ship with Diagrams

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Articles related to promotional exam MEO class 4, Syllabus, Study Materials


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Articles describing functions, types, use and maintenance of boilers

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Articles related to synergy exams, syllabus, study materials, practice sets

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Difference Between

Get Insights of Difference between Various Terminologies

Types of Pumps

Articles describing functions, types, uses of Different types of pumps

Types of Valves

Articles related to Function, use & Construction of Various Types of Valves

Naval Arch

Articles related to Syllabus of Naval Arch with diagrams

Difference Between Sulzer and man B&W Engines

difference between sulzer and man b&w engines MAN B&W engine

What is lubrication and Different Types of Lubrication, Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages with Example

Types of Lubrication :- Lubrication is used to reduce the friction in the sliding conditions. You will Know About What is Lubrication...

Difference between shaper and planer machine

Difference between Shaper and Planer Machine:- Shaper and planer are both reciprocating machine tools and both of them are primarily intended to...

How Rotocap works ? Working Principle and it’s Theory & Applications

A rotocap is a parts of exhaust valve which is used to rotate the valve by 8 to 10 degree when exhaust...

Main Bearing Clearance : Measurement Procedure of 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine

Main Bearing clearance Measurements:- In Marine Diesel, There are many Clearance like Tappet Clearance, Butt Clearance, radial clearance, axial clearance. In this...

Main Engine Operations : starting, running and stopping procedure

What is the main engine Starting procedure ? Go and click the start button and it started. No it is not like...

Auxiliary engine Starting procedure and preparation

What is the auxiliary engine starting procedure ? When starting the auxiliary engine after a gap then there need...

How to adjust Bumping Clearance or clearance volume of Air compressor

what is Bumping clearance ? How to check it , how to adjust and what is its significance ?

Lubrication in 4 four stroke engine with diagram

How lubrication in 4 stroke engine Takes place ? It is done either by splash lubrication or Pressure lubrication system. In...

Brushless Alternator Working principle| Advantages, Disadvantages | Applications

Brushless Alternator: This Article is all about What is Brushless Alternator ? Its Working Principle, Parts , Operations , Applications, Advantages and...

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