IC Engine Interview Questions are one of the most asked questions while facing an interview.

If you have done Mechanical Engineering or Equivalent ( Marine Engineering ) and on the basis of that you are applying for any job, then definitely you will be asked questions related to your Degree.

In such case if you are trying to find out what are the possible questions that can be asked in an interview. So here are the list of Interview Questions mostly asked in interviews related to IC Engine.

Frequently Asked IC Engine Interview Questions

1. What do you mean by IC Engine?

2. Why it is called IC Engine?

3. What are the types of IC Engine? Click To Read Answer

4. What is a 2 Stroke Engine?

5. What is a 4 Stroke Engine?

6. What do you mean by Stroke of an Engine?

7. What is difference between 2 Stroke Engine and 4 Stroke Engine? Click To Read Answer

8. What is Clearance Volume?

9. What are the four processes of Combustion in an Engine?

10. What is an Idle stroke?

11. What is Bumping Clearance?

12. How do you Calculate Mechanical efficiency of an IC Engine?

14. What is Scavenging?

15. Why Scavenging is required?

17. What are the types of Scavenging?

18. What is Super charging?

19. What is Bed Plate? Click To Read Answer

20. What is A-Frame?

21. What is Crankshaft?

22. How crankshaft are constructed?

23. How crankshafts are Lubricated ?

22. How Cylinder Lubrication is done in 2 Stroke Engine?

23. How Cylinder Lubrication is done in 4 Stroke Engine?

24. What are Piston Rings? Click To Read Answer

25. What is the function of Piston Skirt? Click To Read Answer

26. What are the functions of Piston Rings? Click To Read Answer

27. What is the position of Piston When cylinder Oil is released?

28. What is Cross head Assembly?

29. What are gudgeon Pins?

30. What is the function of Camshaft?

31. What is the function of Flywheel?

32. Which type of Engine has larger Flywheel and why?

33. In a Naturally Aspirated Engine which valve has larger size ( Inlet or Exhaust )? Why?

34. What is the function of O Ring and where it is fitted?

35. What do you mean by blowpast?

36. What is the use of Turning Gear?

37. What is a turbocharger?

38. What is the effect of using turbocharger?

40. What is Brake Power and Indicated Power? Click To Read Answer

41. What is Octane number and Cetane Number?

42. Why spark plug is not needed in Diesel Engine?

43. What is the Compression Ratio ?

44. What do you mean by Volumetric efficiency?

45. What is the importance of Lubrication in an IC Engine?

46. What are the qualities of a good Lubricants?

47. What are the types of Lubricants?

48. What is Viscosity? And what is it’s SI unit?

49. What are the types of IC Engine on the basis of arrangement of Cylinder?

50. What is Ignition delay?

51. What is After Burning?

52. What is the cause of After Burning and how it can be avoided?

53. What is meant by Variable Injection timing?

54. How VIT is achieved in an Engine?

55. What are the advantages of VIT?

56. What is atomisation?

57. What is penetration of Fuel?

58. What do you mean by Diesel Knock?

59. How does a fuel injector work?

60. What are intelligent Engines?

62. What is the use of reduction gears?

63. How Sox and Nox emissions are controlled in an Engine?

64. What is CCAI?

65. What do you mean by Calorific Value of a Fuel?

66. What are the advantages of IC engine?

67. On which thermodynamic cycle does Diesel Engine operate?

68. What is an Indicator Diagram?

69. What are the Applications of IC Engine?

70. What is the difference between petrol Engine and Diesel Engine?

71. How many types of Cylinder Liner are there?

72. What cylinder head is cooled?

73. What is Bore cooling?

74. How Pistons are cooled?

75. What are the different types of Piston Crown?

76. What is Bottom end Bearing?

77. What is a Journal Bearing? Click To Read Answer

78. What is a Crank web?

79. What is a Crank throw?

80. What is the use of Balancing mass in crankshaft?

81. What is the use of Tie Rods in large Engines?

82. What is Tappet Clearance? Click To Read Answer

83. What is a RotoCap?

84. What do you mean by Exhaust Muffling?

85. What is the advantage of using Air cooler for air entering into the Cylinder

If you have faced an Interview and had faced Questions which are not mentioned here, Please let us know in the Comments so that other aspirants can get benefit and prepare for it.

Also if you Know answers to these Questions you may answer it in the Comment Section mentioning the Question or the question number ( If you wish to help others ). Sharing improves Knowledge.

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