Fleet management interview Questions

Fleet Management Interview Questions

For Campus Placement



Types of Boiler

Use of Steam

Fresh water generator

Principle of fresh water generator

What is Refrigerant and it’s properties ?

Primary and Secondary Refrigerant

What is Governor and it’s types ?

Fuel Speed Control

What is Propeller ?

What is Propeller drop ?

What is Rudder ?

What is Rudder Drop ?

Any one in Marine field ?

From which school ?

What is an IC engine ?

Types of an IC engines (S.I ? C.I )

Types of IC engine on basis of Stroke

Difference between 2 stroke or 4 stroke ?

Cycle on which IC engine work

Temperature or pressure of scavenge air



Composition of exhaust

Exhaust gas come from


What is boiler

Water level indicator diagram

Safeties device in boiler

Types of boiler

Marpol Annexure – 4


Garvity disc

Safety valve working in boiler

Pilot valve

Free surface effect

Last semester subject

How current produce

What is difference between potential difference and EMF ?

Draw a circuit diagram of three bulb in parallel


Compressor and it’s types

Centrifugal pump and types

Impeller blade,wear ring,volute casing,what is volute


Use of compressed air onboard

Bed plate

Classes of fire

Fire triangle

Portable extinguisher

Scavenge fire

Crankcase fire

Overloading of engine

Favorite subject,why this subject

How ppm controlled in OWS ?

For Exam In Mumbai

First You have to clear Written after thay you will get chance for Interview.


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