US Visa interview questions

Us VISA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS is written below Which Is Generally Asked in Visa Interview To Mariner (Fresher/cadet )

Us visa interview questions

Go and wish your interviewer First:Good Morning Sir/Ma’am.

Following Questions asked:-

1. What is the purpose of you coming here?

2. What post have you been employed?

3. What is your experience?

4. Tell me about your family background?

5. Why did you join Merchant Navy?

6. Where did you complete your Pre-Sea training?

7. Describe your duties onboard?

8. What will be your salary?

9. What is your contract period?Is this your First contract

10. Where did you find out about the merchant navy?

11. If you don’t join your ship, who will take care of you in the US?

12. Green colour represents which side of the ship?

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