Fluid Mechanics Interview Questions

fluid mechanics interview questions

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I have added all Possible Fluid mechanics Questions which can be asked in interview by interviewer.

Fluid mechanics interview questions


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What is Centrifugal Pump ?

Which pump is more efficient centrifugal pump or reciprocating pump ?

How cavitation can be eliminated in a pump ?

What is venturimeter?

What is the difference between venturimeter and orificemeter?

What is a venturimeter? Why do we use it, and how does it work?

Why centrifugal pump is not called a positive displacement type of pump ?

Why the centrifugal pump is called high discharge pump ?

Why cavitation will occur in centrifugal pump not in a positive displacement pump ?

What is the function of thrust bearing ?

What is a Diaphragm ?

What is a combination of thrust and radial bearing ?

What is cavitation ?

What is positive displacement pump ?

What is kinematics viscosity ?

Difference between uniform flow and non – uniform flow ?

What is coefficient of contractions ?

What is the equation for pressure drop in fluid flow through pipe when flow is laminar?

What is the corresponding equation for turbulent flow ?

What is the unit of kinematic viscosity ?

You have a 2” pipe line, 2 KM long connecting two points. For a particular flow of water, we experience 2 Kg/cm2 pressure drop. If the diameter of the pipeline is changed to 4”, what will happen to the pressure drop?

The pressure drop equations for fluid flow through pipeline considers only straight length of pipe. How do we handle pipe fittings ?

In what service are globe valves used ? Where do we use gate valves ?

How can we explain the increase in flow through a water tap in the toilet in a household when the tap is opened more?

What is water hammer? How severe is its impact ?

What is the Schedule number of a pipe ? Where do we use higher schedule pipes and fittings ?

What is the function of a control valve ? What is the Control valve Cv ?

What is a check valve ? Name a service in your house where a check valve is used ?

What is the difference between head and pressure ( explain at a pump discharge )

What are the classifications of pumps ?

How does a centrifugal pump work?

What is the difference between a centrifugal pump and a Positive displacement pump ?

How is a centrifugal pump started ? How about PD pump ?

What is the NPSH of a pump ?

You have been told that the pump has got an NPSH problem . How can you improve NPSH ?

What are the 2 NPSHs for a pump ? What is the relation?

Calculate the maximum lift possible in a centrifugal pump from the NPSH equation.

In the lab test for a centrifugal pump using suction lift, why is the suction pressure always –ve ? Then how will the pump get the Net “Positive” Suction Head ?

In the above case, the suction is negative even if the discharge is blocked. Why ?

What are the affinity laws for a centrifugal pump ?

Why centrifugal pumps sometime require priming ?

I have connected a pressure gauge and a barometer in the discharge of a centrifugal pump which pumps water. The pressure gauge reads 1 kg/cm2. What will be the reading in the barometer ? Predict the readings in the two meters when the pump fluid is changed from water to glycerine/mercury maintaining same flow rate.

Why are variable frequency drives used for motors connected to centrifugal pumps ?

Why are submersible pumps used in steam condenser services ? What is the principle ?

What is Bernaulli’s equation ?

Name a few applications of bernaulli’s equation in your household

What is the principle of operation of steam ejector?

Why barometric legs are provided for multi-stage ejectors ?