Advanced Strength of Materials Books

Advanced Strength of Materials Books (Dover Civil and Mechanical Engineering )

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Advanced Strength of Materials Books

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It was four decades ago, J.P. Den Hartog, then Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, wrote Strength of Materials, an elementary text that still enjoys great popularity in engineering schools around the world.

Widely used as a classroom aid, it has also become a favourite guide and refresh on the subject among engineers everywhere.
This is the first paperback edition of the equally popular text of this highly regarded engineer and author.

Advanced Strength of Materials books bring this important topic to areas of greater complexity, masterfully bridging its elementary dimensions and its most formidable advanced reaches.

The book reflects Den Hartog’s impressive talent for making vibrant, discreet and often witty presentations of his subject, and his unique ability to combine the academic insight of a distinguished scientist with the realistic, problem-solving orientation of an accomplished industrial engineer.

The concepts discussed in detail include torsion, revolving discs, membrane stress in shells, flat plate bending, elastic base beams, two-dimensional elasticity theory, energy method and buckling. The presentation is intended for a student who has a one-semester course in the elementary strength of materials.

The book contains an especially detailed and useful section of the problems and answers that provide students and practitioners with practical experience in the field of techniques and simple examples of applications.

About Author of Advanced Strength of Materials Books

J. P. Den Hartog: The Reprin t Engineer
J. P. Den Hartog (1901–1989), who taught at MIT for much of his career, was one of the founders of the Dover Reprint Engineering programme. As the author of many books that Dover reprinted and still has in print, and as a consultant from the 1950s until only a few years before his death in 1989, Professor Den Hartog provided invaluable advice on books of enduring interest and value in his profession.

Not many engineering books have a productive shelf life spanning many decades. These four books by Professor Den Hartog, which Dover reprinted and periodically revised in later printings from 1961 to 1987, are among the exceptions: Mechanics, 1961, Strength of Materials, 1961, Mechanical Vibrations, 1985, and Advanced Strength of Materials, 1987. Still widely read and quoted by writers in these fields, Den Hartog’s books are a tribute to his gift of visibility and clarity.

The J. P. Den Hartog Award, established in 1987, is presented in recognition of his lifetime contributions to the teaching and practise of vibration engineering.

Advanced Strength of Materials Books Information

1.Publisher of Book :- Dover Publications Inc.; New edition (1 July 1987)

2.Language :- In English

3.Paperback :-386 pages

4.ISBN 10 :- 0486654079

5.ISBN 13 :-978-0486654072

6.Weight of Book :- 408 g

7.Dimenstions of Books :- 14 x 2.1 x 21.6 cm

8.Countary of Origin :- USA

9.Customer Review :- Average 4.7 Star

10.Author :- J. P. Den Hartog

This superb text offers advanced undergraduates and graduate students a work of moderate complexity that poses various problems with complete answers. It discusses torsion, revolving plates, membrane tension in shells, flat plate bending, elastic base beams, 2-dimensional elasticity theory, energy methods, and buckling. Edition 1952.

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Advanced Strength of Materials (WBSCTE) Books

Author :- S.S. Bhavikatti

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Advance Strength of Material Books

This book is a follow-up to the West Bengal Polytechnic Syllabus for the mechanical branch. The book is written in the units of S I. The notes used are in line with the Indian Standard Codes. Apart from West Bengal Polytechnic students of the Mechanical Branch, it is hoped that students from other states who follow a similar syllabus may also find it a useful textbook.

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The topic is systematically built using plain English and a large number of figures. At the end of each chapter, a set of problems is presented along with answers so that students can review their ability to solve problems.

To improve students’ ability to answer semester questions and exams, a collection of descriptive forms, fill in blanks, define true/false type, and multiple choice questions are also provided. KEY FEATURES 100 per cent coverage of the latest syllabus Focus on the practise of numericals for guaranteed success in the examinations Lucidity and simplicity retained in the globally acclaimed author of more than 40 books.

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