how to take indicator diagram

how to take indicator diagram

Procedure to take Indicator Diagram

1.Wear proper PPE, especially high-temperature gloves and eye protection

2.Take the Reading of all relevant engine parameters

3.Ensure that the ship is running at a constant speed in the open sea

4.Ensure that the weather is calm.

5.Use correct tool to open the indicator cock valve

6.Before taking diagram, open indicator cock, two or three firing strokes, to blow out soot and combustion residues in the cock.

7.Fit the Indicator Instrument on to the Indicator Cock.

8.Slide the Indicator Diagram paper firmly on the Drum and have it held by the Clips.

9.Check whether the spring fitted on the indicator instrument will meet the peak pressure to be expected (max. pressure of Engine)

10.Press the stylus on the card and pull the cord to rotate the drum to draw the atmospheric line.

11.For Power Card,Connect Drum Card to the the Indicator Linkage ,the reciprocating motion of the linkage will cause the drum to rotate back and forth while doing this,press the stylus (scriber ) on to the paper momentarily to get the diagram inscribed in full.

12. For the Draw Card,the cord must be free from the linkages.Press the stylus on the paper and simultaneously pull the cord,till the end position and then release the stylus.

(This action take some practice to get a perfect diagram ).

13.Remove hook, turn the drum by hand to a place clear from the power diagram, took compression pressure line with fuel cut-off.

14.Having taken indicator diagrams from all cylinders, open the indicator instrument and clean all parts especially the piston, thoroughly. After cleaning, apply high temperature grease into the surface of all parts.