Minimum Requirement for Automation under UMS

Minimum requirement for automation under :-

Certain regulations for UMS in vessels are manadatory and are enumerated in SOLAS 1977 Chapter ।। -1 Regulation 46 to 53.

1.Bridge Control of Propulsion machinery :-The watch keepeing officer must be able to take emergency engine control action,control system and instrumentation must be as simple as possible.

2.Centralised Control and instrumentation are required in machinery spaces:-This ensures that the engineer may be called in machinery spaces in emergency and controls must be easily reached and fully comprehensive.

3.Automatic Fire Detection system :-Alarms and detection devices must operate very rapidly.Seveeal well positioned and quick response detectors (SENSORS ) must be fitted.

4.Fire Extinguishing System :-In addition to to conventional Hand extinguisher ,a control fire remote station from machinery space is essential.The Station must give control of emergency pumps,Tank valves (Quick Closing Valve ),ventilators, and extinguishing media.

5.Alarm System :-A comprehensive machine system must be provided for control and accommodation areas.

6.Automatic Bilge High Level Fluid alarm and pumping units:- Sensing devices in bilges with alarms and manual or automatic pump cutting /cut -out devices must be provided.

7.Automatic start of emergency generator :-Such a generator is best connected to separate emergency bus bar .The primary function is to give protection from electrical black out conditions.

8.Local Hand control of essential machine.

9.Adequate settling tank storage capacity.

10.Regular testing and maintenance of Instrumentation.