cylinder liner calibration

cylinder liner calibration

Cylinder Liners are gauged internally at the interval of 1600p- 18000 hours generally.

Thorough,Inspection is carried out immediately after removal of piston to identify the faults.This is necessary prior to identify the faults .This is necessary prior to the cleaning of liner walls and ports.

Inspections is carried out with special Notes to the following points :-

● Surface Crack at Combustion Belt.

●Hard rubbing points on the surfaces.

●Ridge formation at the Top.

●Blockage or Non -function of lube oil quills.

●Sharo edges on ports and chocking there.

●Cracks on bars of ports.

The liners is gauged with an inside micrometer and extension bar which has been calibrated against the master gauge.

The Temperature should preferably be the same as during the previous measurements.The micrometer and extension bar are kept on the liner too to enable same readings.

● Gauging are taken at No. Of Vertical positions (4 – stroke )

●Readings are taken port-star board and forward -Aft.

A Template is uses to ensure that the readings are taken at locations where the readings of previously recorded.

●Readins are layout in tabulated form and compared with previous readings.The result will indicate :-

A) Whether the wear has been uniform and within tolerable limits.

B) Whether wear has been unusually high -the cause to be identified.

C)Expected life of the liner.