Cross Head Bearing

Cross Head Bearing

Cross Head is One of the most important components as it transfers firing force produced from combustion from piston rod to connecting rod and partly to guide.

The type of bearing used in cross head assembly is a thin shell bearing.Lowee shell is tri-metal layee.The shell is composed of a steel back with cast on white metal and over layer coating.

Both the upper and lower shells are protected against corrosion with tin flash layer.

Because of oscillating movement and low sliding speed of the crosshead bearing ,the hydrodynamic oil film is generated through special oil wedges on either side of the actual oil supply grooves situated in the loaded area of the bearing.Here oil film is thin,thus makes the demand fir pin surface roughness and oil wedge geometry very important parameter for the assembly to function.

A further requirement is effective cooling which is ensured by the transverse oil grooves.The pins wedges are super finished.

Cross head bearing is of white metal (88℅ sn,8℅sb and 4℅ copper )