Causes of loss of vaccum in fresh water generator

In this Article,you will learn what are the causes of loss of vacuum in fresh water generator ?

You will also learn

  • What happens when vacuum reach 100 percent in fresh water generator?
  • Why fresh water generator fitted on ship ?

What are the Causes of loss of vacuum in fresh water generator

  1. Failure of ejector pump
  2. Failure of ejector nozzle (fouling, erosion)
  3. Malfunction of check valve (at ejector nozzle)
  4. Defective vacuum breaker
  5. Any air leakage into the system (At joint)

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What will happen when vacuum reach 100 % in fresh water generator ?

  1. Increase the salinity because of agitation. At that time boiling rate is very high.
  2. To control this condition, open the vacuum breaker to maintain 93% vacuum.

Why Fresh water generator fitted on ships ?

  1. To produce the high purity distilled water from sea water
  2. To provide make up water for boiler and portable water for drinking and domestic use. So can save cost.

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