What are UMS Requirement ?

UMS Requirements are :-

Contain regulations for UMS in vessel are mandatory and are enumerated in SOLAS 1977 chapter -2 regulations 46 to 53.

1.Bridge control of propulsion machinery.

   Watch keeping officer must be able to take emergency engine control actions.

   Control system and instrumation must be as simple as possible.

2.Centrailised control and instrumatiom required in machinery space.

   This ensure that engineer must be called in machinery space in emergency and controls must be easily reached and fully comprehensive.

3.Automatic fire detection system.

   Alarm and detective device must operate very rapidly.

   Several well partitioned and quick response detectors must be fitted.

4.Fire extinguishing system.

   In addition to conventional hand extinguisher ,a control fire station remote from machinery space is essential.

  Station must give control of engineering pumps,generators(quick closing valve, ventilation and extinguisher media )

5.Alarm system

  A comprehensive machine alarm system must be provided for control of accommodation area.

6.Automatic bilge high level fluid alarm and pumping units.

  Sensing devices in bilges with alarm and automatic pump cutting in/cutting off devices must be provided.

7.Automatic start of emergency generator.

Such a generator is best connected to separate bushbar.

Primary function to give protection from black out.

8.Local planned control of essential machine.

9.Adequate settling tank storage capacity.

10.Adequate designed safety system.

  A great It can automatically isolate the defective portion and regain steering control in case of single unit failure.

In a sea going steering gear system isolation UMS are provided I.e. safematic steering gear / must be supplied from ESB.

11.Steering gear operations.

It should be provided for shut down of serious malfunctioning machine.

Auxilliary engine should have stand off option, automatically and load sharing,preferential trip arrangement to shade off non-essential loads when generator load increases.

12.Deadman alarm

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