What is watertight Doors ?Types,uses and regulations.

What is Watertight Doors ?

Watertight doors are special types of doors found on ships that prevent the ingress of water from one compartment to another during floods or incidents and thus serve as a protection barrier.

Where watertight doors used on ship

It is Used on Ship where Chances of flooding are high such as Engine Room Compartment,shaft Tunnel and such spaces on ship.

Types of Watertight Doors on Ships

Different Types are :-

Type A :- This type of door can be left open and can only be shut during an emergency.

Type B :- This type of watertight door should be closed and left open only while workers are working in the adjacent compartment.

Type C :- This sort of watertight door must be kept closed all the time. It can only be opened for a reasonable period of time while personnel are passing through the door compartment.

Type D :- This form of watertight doors doesn’t comply with SOLAS. These doors are to be closed before the voyage starts and kept closed during navigation. It is not possible to upgrade those doors to another category.

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