Causes, effects and prevention of over-run turbocharger

Causes, effects and prevention of over-run turbocharger

What’s over run of turbocharger means. Or

What is turbocharger over running?

Let us start about causes, effects and prevention of over -run turbocharger.

Turbocharger over-running means it runs in more RPM than it is designed in a particular load.

What are the causes of Turbocharger Over -running


How turbocharger over run happens?

Causes are Following :-

1.Due to the fire in scavenge space.
2.Due to the fire in exhaust trunk ( It occurs due to accumulation of oil. )

What are the effects of Turbocharger over -run

Effects of Turbocharger Over – run :-

1.TC bearings, casing gets damaged.
2. Engine room fire.

Scavenging and Turbocharging

How to prevents Over – run of Turbocharger ?

Prevention :-

1.Regular cleaning of scavenge space
2. Exhaust gas pipe regular cleaning.
3. Make sure that proper combustion is taking place
4. Liner, piston and rings, fuel valves, cylinder lubrication, maintained in good order.
5. Avoid operating ME under reduced load for long term. It leads to incomplete combustion and fire.