Deadband of governor

Deadband of governor is defined as it is the range of speed,only after which governor starts responding.


Dead band of governor is the speed change that is required before the governor will take a corrective movement of throttle.

In other words ,it is fluctuations of speed around the steady state,at which the governor will initiate the corrective actions.

In simple words,we can say that ,it is the silent period at which governor does not takes any action.

Mathematically,It can be said that deadband is inversely proportional to sensitivity of the governor.

To avoid the hunting of governor and for stable operations,there should be a limited percentage of deadband.

If there is high deadband then it can make the governor sluggish.

If there is high deadband then there must be reduce to prevent sluggish action of governor.

It can be reduced by increasing the governor sensitivity.

To reduce following steps to be followed :-

  1. Increase the r.p.m of governor .It is done by gearing arrangement provided inside the governor.
  2. Less viscous oil be used.
  3. Compensating needle of governor can be adjusted.
  4. If there is air in the system,it must be purged.
  5. All linkages of governor to be greased.
  6. There is use of conical spring.

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