Mol Shipping Interview Questions

MOL ( Mitsui osk lines ) interviews questions asked during interviews by interviewer are shown here:-

List of questions MOL ( Mitsui OSK lines )

1.What is high pressure pipe?

2.What is the principle of centrifugal pump.

3.Types of pump.

4.No. of revolution in two stroke& four stroke?

5.How the power is generated in a.c generator?

6.What are all the eqipmnts you see in engine room?

7.Which ship u visited? Describe its details.
8.Why did you join this field?

9.Voltage used in electric train.

10.Uses of volute casing.

11.Types of positive displacement pumps.

12.Lube oil prop.

13.What is Non return valve?

14.Tappet clearance.

15.Functions of Fresh water generator

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