Gale Banks Engineering

Gale Banks Engineering is a well-known American company specializing in automotive engineering and performance upgrades. Founded by Gale Banks in 1958, the company has a long history of developing high-performance engines, turbocharging systems, exhaust systems, and other aftermarket components for a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, cars, and marine applications.

Gale Banks Engineering

history of Gale Banks Engineering

Gale Banks Engineering, also known as Banks Power or simply Banks, is a prominent company in the field of automotive and marine performance engineering. It was founded by Gale Banks, a visionary engineer and entrepreneur, in 1958. The company has a rich history of innovation and has made significant contributions to the automotive and marine industries.

Here is a brief history of Gale Banks Engineering:

  1. Foundation (1958): Gale Banks founded his company, initially known as “Banks Machine and Marine,” in Lynwood, California. The company’s primary focus at the time was providing high-performance engine modifications and marine engines for the growing boating industry.
  2. Diesel Performance (1960s-1970s): During the 1960s and 1970s, Banks Engineering began to shift its focus towards diesel engines. Gale Banks recognized the potential of diesel power for various applications, including trucks and motorhomes. He developed turbocharging and other technologies to enhance the performance of diesel engines, making them more efficient and powerful.
  3. Land Speed Records (1980s): In the 1980s, Banks Power gained recognition for its involvement in land speed racing. The company’s vehicles set multiple speed records, often utilizing Banks-developed technologies. Gale Banks himself set several records in diesel-powered vehicles.
  4. Exhaust Systems and Tuning (1990s): During the 1990s, Banks Power expanded its product line to include aftermarket exhaust systems, tuners, and other performance-enhancing components for both gasoline and diesel engines. Their innovations in exhaust design and engine tuning became popular among enthusiasts and racing teams.
  5. Diesel Power in Motorsports (2000s): Banks Power’s diesel performance technology gained prominence in motorsports, particularly in truck pulling and diesel drag racing. Their products helped many racers achieve remarkable success on the track.
  6. Military and Commercial Applications: Banks Engineering has also contributed to military and commercial applications, developing specialized diesel engine technologies for vehicles used by the military and various industries. Their expertise in improving engine efficiency and power played a crucial role in these applications.
  7. Recent Developments: In recent years, Banks Power has continued to innovate, focusing on products such as air intake systems, intercoolers, and electronic tuning modules. They have also been at the forefront of environmentally friendly performance technology, striving to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.
  8. Legacy: Gale Banks has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to the automotive and marine industries. His company, Gale Banks Engineering, remains a respected name in the world of high-performance engine modification and engineering.

Today, Gale Banks Engineering continues to be a leader in the field of automotive and marine performance, known for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of engine technology and providing enthusiasts with products that deliver both power and efficiency.

Gale Banks Engineering : Important Point

Certainly, here is the information you provided organized into a table format:

WebsiteBanks Power Website
IndustryMotor Vehicle Manufacturing
Company Size51-200 employees
HeadquartersAzusa, CA
TypePrivately Held
Specialties– Racing & Street-Legal Performance
– Military Performance
– Concept & Design
– Electronic Design & Development
– Engine Design & Development
– Prototype Engineering
– Testing & Validation
– Calibration
– Manufacturing
– OEM Level Drivetrain Development
– Powertrain Integration

What is Gale Banks known for?

Gale Banks, born in 1942, is an American hot rodder, drag racer, engineer, and entrepreneur. He hails from Lynwood, California. He is the founder of Gale Banks Engineering, a company known for selling performance parts designed for both automotive and marine engines. The company is particularly renowned for its expertise in diesel engines and offers a wide range of cutting-edge equipment, performance parts, and auxiliary products. Gale Banks Engineering employs approximately 100+ individuals, further solidifying its presence and impact in the automotive and marine industries.

Who is the CEO of banks power?

Gale Banks – Owner – Banks Power

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