Salvaging of motor

How to do Salvaging of motor ?

● First of all,take out the motor from the sea water by Isolating it from the connections and take it to the electrical workshop.

● Now,measure the insulation resistance which will be very low hoti 200 ohm so,the main problem is to restore the insulation resistance and this can be restored by three ways.



●Dismantle it and wash the windings with fresh water and clean the grease or oil on the windings with the help of using a degreasant liquid such as Armaclean.

●Now, dry the stator windings with the help of heaters or cargo clusters with plenty of ventilation to allow the dampness to escape

●Same thing fir rotors and bearings cleaning can be done with high speed diesel oil.

● Now, Assemble the motor and turn the motor for some revolutions for checking tightness and all.

●Go for insulation resistance test (IR Test ) ,as if it remains high over a few hours .Apply a couple of coats of good quality air -drying Insulating varnish.

●Now load the motor with the pump by taking proper alignment.

Servicing a motor effected/washed by seawater

  1. Cut out power supply by circuit breaker & taking out fuse. Mark & disconnect supply wire. Took Megger reading & recorded.
  2. Take out the motor, open up & dismantle. (Make sure marking on both cover & body)
  3. Clean and wash with warm fresh water.( About 180′ F)
  4. Cover by canvas, dry with positive ventilation & 500 watt lamp
  5. Clean with Electro cleaner.
  6. Baking by 500 Watt lamp for few hours.
  7. Take Megger reading. (test stable or constant reading) Apply insulation varnish to the winding while warm.
  8. Baking & taking the Megger.
  9. Reassemble & put back into service.
  10. When test run check sound, ampere & temperature.