How to Stop ship Even they don’t Have break

How to Stop Ship In Water ?

In this Article ,I am going to discuss How to stop ship in water even they don’t have Break ?To understand the braking system of ship we first have to know how the ship moves.
We all know that ships move by using the thrust force provided by the water due to the movement of the propeller.But to stop the ship , there are no arrangement for brakes like in other automobiles ( car, bike etc).So how do a ship stops ? Or How to stop ship in water ?The basic principle of brake is that the brake system provides friction that works against the motion.Similar is the case of ships.Stopping a ship is done by increasing the resistance or the drag force and reversing the direction of the propeller .When a ship moves in water , there is a viscous drag generated between the hull surface and the water particles in contact with the hull. So when we have to stop the ship , we cannot just reverse the direction of the propeller to stop it .First we make the ship turn from starboard to Port or vice versa just to increase the resistance and thus slowing till that time it will reduce its RPM and then the propeller is reversed.And then finally the ship stops.