Bunkering Safety Devices

What are bunkering Safety Devices ?

Bunkering safety devices

Bunkering Safety devices are :-

  1. Pressure gauge in the menifold:-This pressure gauge should be checked during bunkering to ensure that line pressure should not exceed the maximum working pressure.
  2. Sampling point in bunker manifold:- It is used for continuous sampling of bunker being received.
  3. Relief valve in bunker line :- It is used to ensure oil to flow in overflow tank in case ,line pressure exceeds the st value.
  4. High level alarm of bunker tank :-It gives an audio visual alarm in case tank is almost full to prevent overflow of tank.

Safety Precautions during Bunkering

  1. Saw dust and other absorbent should be kept near bunker manifold.
  2. Fire Extinguisher and other fire fighting apparatus should be readily available.
  3. Bunker line should be properly set and all unnecessary valve should be properly closed and sealed.All scrubber should be closed.
  4. Proper means of communication should be established between ship and bunkering installation.
  5. During bunkering ,sounding of bunker tank to be checked at regular interval.

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