Difference between shaper and planer machine

Difference between Shaper and Planer Machine:- Shaper and planer are both reciprocating machine tools and both of them are primarily intended to produce flat surface, but they are different very much in construction, operation and use. Here, You will learn in details about difference between shaper and planer Machine, Planer Machine vs Shaper.

difference between shaper and planer machine

Difference between shaper and planer

The following are the main differences between the shaper and planer :-

  1. The relative movement between the tool and the work is different in a shaper and a planer. In a planer, the work is mounted on a table which reciprocates while the tool is held rigid on the machine frame and fed into the work. The tool in a shaper is held on a ram that reciprocates, while the work mounted on the table remains stationary and provides feed.
  2. Planers are machines capable of holding big jobs, whereas shapers are intended for small jobs. The maximum size of work that a standard shaper can accommodate is 900 mm cube (900 mm x 900 mm x 900 mm) whereas a modem planer can accommodate work as large as 3000 mm x 3000 mm x 18.25 m.
  3. In a planer, the tool is rigidly supported when the work moves on precision ways and maximum accuracy on the machine surface is assured. In a shaper, due to the overhanging of the ram during the cutting stroke, and the machine being not very robust, the accuracy cannot be expected up to the mark.
  4. High rate of power consumption and overall rigidity in a planer enables it to take deep cuts and apply heavy feed to rough finish a job quickly. A planer can consume up to 150 h.p. A shaper, on the other hand, can consume 15 to 20 horsepower.
  5. A planer is not suitable for machining relatively small, and medium size work one or few at a time that a shaper can do, but a planer is more economical and faster when large quantities are machined. A large number of jobs of identical shapes car. be machined on a planer table in a single setting.
  6. Multiple tooling with double or four toolheads in a planer makes it possible to machine more that one surface together, thus reducing cutting time.
  7. Cutting and return speed of a planer are almost uniform throughout the stroke. But in a shaping machine, particularly in a crank driven shaper, the speed varies throughout the length of the stroke.
  8. In a planing machine, work setting requires much of skill and takes a long time, whereas in a shaper the work may be clamped easily and quickly.
  9. Tools used in a planer are much more robust than that used in a shaper.
  10. In modern planers wide range of cutting and return speeds are available and they may be changed independently.
  11. Planers are heavier, larger, and costlier machines compared to shapers.


As we know that, A planer is a very powerful machine tool with a large, fast-moving table.Unless the operator is very careful in operating the machine he get caught between the workpiece and machine parts. During machine table

movement, he should not make any adjustment except setting table speed and cutting speeds. Further a planer processes quite large and heavy workpieces. Handling large parts is difficult and often damaging unless suitable precautions are followed. Some of the other precautions are listed hereunder.

  1. Protect the machine table from burrs and irregularities of the workpieces. Leveling of machine tables should of the maintained properly.
  2. Use of crane in fixing the workpiece should be done carefully. The operator must attach a clamps and a sling before the part is up by the crane.
  3. For the surfacing work the tool head is set vertically. Appropriate tests should be carried out for the same.
  4. The depth of the cu and the feed rate are always dependent on materials of tool and workpiece. It should not be set at a high value just because the planner is a powerful machine tool.
  5. Safety clutch must be provided for feed and power rapid traverse, to provent breakage in the event the table should run against an obstruction.
  1. Use of vertical power rapid traverse for feeding the table should never be allowed.

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