Function 3 Safety and Ship Construction.

Function 3 Safety and Ship Construction


1.SOLAS Manual ?

2.Co2 System & Maintaince ?

3.Marpol Annexure 6 ?

4.Which Gases come Under DOC
Certificate ?

5.Intact stability- no damage to ship, hull intact, stability changes due to internal loading , ballast, fuel consumption and external forces which gives heeling forces. GM gives the idea of intact stability.

6.Damage stability – assumed damage to sides , vertical height and width wise . Then based on assumptions the ship is built with distance between bulkheads such that if it gives way, the margin line won’t get immersed.
Damage control booklet is given citing all examples, valves for crossflodding arrangements, maximum list angle allowed, how much time u have to control the list etc., how many compartments are flooded? One or two , is e/r one of the compartment or not etc.

7.Solas ch 11,12

8.Angle of loll

9.Annex6,explain in detail

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