Function 6 Marine Engineering Maintaince and repair

Function 6 Marine Engineering Maintaince and repair


1.AE load dropped from 600kw to 400 kW T/C Explain Reasons for Surging ?

2.What is Cold corrosion ?

3.Full Copt plant preparations , cross questions ?

4.Gas freeing n what do u do in it?

5.lub oil properties

6.lub oil test done onboard u ll install a new stud after removed broken one when all passage and everything s clear ( just how u ll fix a new stud)

8. Boiler blow down procedure. Which valves are fully open and Why ?

9.Single Stage air compressor

10.why intercooler s present

11.what if intercooler leaks

12.why air compressor valves are different from globe valve and other valves

13.Refer compressor s gear driven r belt driven and Why

14.Tappet clearance

15.Pump overhauling procedure

16.Globe valve overhauling procedure.

17.What will u do if ur seat is having a big groove

18.Dowel pin where it is used


20Running direction interlock

21.Tappet clerance

22.Lot of cross questions


24.Hw bearing fitted in shafts..

25.Welding safeties cross

26.questions two cables where n its used earthing y no to Hull

27.Deck seal types purpose

28.Centrifugal pump explanation full

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