Advance Marine Technology

Safeties in car carrier ?????

1.Fire extinguishing system :-

-Should be kept inside the car carrier out of car lashing and leaving gear.

– Fix co2 System


– Portable type extinguisher

2.Safety ropes on fixed point to guide the inspection and watch keeping officer through out voyage to prevent injury to person.This is done immediately after liftable decks are fixed.

3.Adequate light fittings

Hold lighting system

1.All light fitting in cargo hold are explosion proof or enclosed flame proof type.

2.The cargo space light strength required in average as per IMO guidelines in 45 Lux (Lumens )

4.Fire detection system :-

A) Ionisation chamber (smoke )
B)Heat detector
C)Gas detection system
D)Flame detection

All detection will go to bridge.

5.Water tight doors :- A gas tight door (found only in car carrier )


2.WT & GT door will be closed immediately after cargo operations and during voyage.

3.Dog bolts for securing GT & WT tends to get slack due to vibration so check dog bolts regularly.

6.Lashing point which are 50 -60 mm depth on every deck and localised 600-1000 mm apart should ?

7.Lashing tools like hook,eye bolt,chain and turn buckle should be kept ready.

8.LRIT ( Long Range Identification Tracking)

System to collect exact vessel position through satellite.

Mandatory over 300 GT From 2000.?

Range is 1000 nautical mile.

9.ECDIS (Electronic chart display Info System )

10. BNWAS (Breach Navigational Watch Alarm System )

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