Semester 4

2011-4th Semester-Electrical Machines-II.pdf

2011-4th Semester-Marine Boilers and Steam Engineering.pdf

2011-4th Semester-Marine Heat Engines and Air conditioning.pdf

2011-4th Semester-Mechanics of Machines-II.pdf

2011-4th Semester-Practical Marine Automation.pdf

2013-4th Semester-Electrical Machines-II.pdf

2013-4th Semester-Fluid Mechanics-I.pdf

2013-4th Semester-Marine Heat Engines and Air Conditioning.pdf

2013-4th Semester-Mechanics of Machines-II.pdf

2013-4th Semester-Ship Structure and Construction.pdf

2015-4th Semester-Electrical Machines-II.pdf

2015-4th Semester-Fluid Mechanics-I.pdf

2015-4th Semester-Marine Boiler Steam Engineering.pdf

2015-4th Semester-Marine Heat Engines and Air Conditioning.pdf

2015-4th Semester-Mechanics of Machines-II (1).pdf

2015-4th Semester-Mechanics of Machines-II.pdf

2015-4th Semester-Practical Marine Automation.pdf

2015-4th Semester-Ship Structure and Construction.pdf

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