Semester 2

2014-2nd Semester-Applied Thermodynamics-I.pdf

2014-2nd Semester-Engineering Mathematics-II.pdf

2014-2nd Semester-Mathematics-II.pdf

2014-2nd Semester-Strength of Materials-I.pdf

2016-2nd Semester-Strength of Materials-I.pdf

2016-2nd Semester-Seamanship, Elementary Navigation and Survival at Sea.pdf

2016-2nd Semester-Mathematics-II.pdf

2016-2nd Semester-Applied Thermodynamics-I.pdf

2017-2nd Semester-Applied Thermodynamics – I.pdf

2017-2nd Semester-Computer Science.pdf

2017-2nd Semester-Strength of Materials – I.pdf

2017-2nd Semester-Ship Structure & Construction.pdf

2017-2nd Semester-Seamanship, Elementary Navigation & Survival at Sea.pdf

2017-2nd Semester-Mechanics of Machines-II.pdf

2017-2nd Semester-Mathematics-II.pdf

2017-2nd Semester-Electrical Machines-II.pdf

2017-2nd Semester-Engineering Mechanics-II.pdf

2017-2nd Semester-Fluid Mechanics-I.pdf

2017-Dec-2nd Semester- Applied Thermodynamics-I.pdf

2017-Dec-2nd Semester- Strength of Materials-I.pdf

2017-Dec-2nd Semester- Seamanship, Elementary Navigation and Survival at Sea.pdf

2017-Dec-2nd Semester- Mathematics-II.pdf

2017-Dec-2nd Semester- Engineering Mechanics-II.pdf

2017-Dec-2nd Semester- Computer Science.pdf

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