Advance Marine Technology


Briefly state what is difference between 1.breakdown 2.routine

1.Preventive /routine /scheduled maintenance

– Famously known as planned maintenance system
– Maintenance is carried out as per running hours like 4000,6000,8000 hours etc.
– Routine maintenance are upkeep practices thay an organization performs on a regular basis with an eye toward presenting harm to workers and large -scale expensive related.
– It is a systematic character, that is equipment is inspected even if it is not given any symptoms of having a problem.

2.Periodic maintenance ( Time based maintenance )

– The basic maintenance if equipment made by user of it.
– It consist if series of elementary tasks ( data collections,visuals , inspections,cleaning,lubricatings ) for which no excessive training is necessary perhaps only a brief training. This type of maintenance based on TPM (Total productive maintenance ).

3.Predictive maintenance :- It perseus constantly know and
Reports the states and operational capacity of installation by knowing value if certain variables ,which represent state and ability.

-It is necessary to identify the variables like temperature,power,vibration etc.Variation of which is which is indications of problem that may be appearing of equipments.

This require advance technical resources ,strong physical and mathematical or technical knowledge.


1.Overall very cost effective.

2.Flexibilty can allow for adjustment of schedule for other work.

3.Increased equipment life.

4.Reduced equipment process failure.

5.Save energy cost resulting from equipment running at peak efficiencies.


1.Labour intensive

2.Risk of damage when conducting.

3.Saving not readily usible without a base line.

4.Performance of maintenance based on scheduled not required.

Corrective or breakdown maintenance

The set of task destined to correct the defects to be found in the different equipments and that are communicated to maintenance department by user of same equipments.
-Performed on equipment has broken down.


1.Lower start up cost.

2.Limited personak required.

3.Refuced maintenance cost.


1.Unpredictibility not make indirect cost.

Condition based maintenance

Machine parts checked regularly with help of sensor etc. Condition of machinery is assessed regularly and maintenance done accordingly.

System require knowledge and experience using interpretions may lead to costly repairs which may be said not to accepting company.


1.Extended hearing service life.

2.Maximise machine productivity.

3.Maximised unscheduled interval.

4.Safety extend overhaul interval.

5.Improve repair time.

6.Enhance product safety.


1.Monitoring equipment costs.

2.Operating cost.

3.Skilled personal safeties.

4.Strong management commitment needed.

5.Significant run in time to collect machine history and trend in usual days.

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